Service for Remembering

Colston Wellpark Parish Church      

 Sunday 5th  December 2021 at 14:30am

       A Service for Remembering

Sunday 5th December is the second Sunday of Advent – a time of preparation for the celebration of Christmas – usually a time of general ‘good cheer’, parties and family celebrations. 

Yet, for many people, this time of year can be very difficult, particularly where families are separated across the world, or where bereavement means facing this time of festivity without the love and companionship of someone they have shared it with in the past.

on Sunday – 5th December – at 14:30am – Colston Wellpark Church will hold a Service for Remembering This will be a time for reflection and for remembering those who will not be with us to celebrate Christmas.

 If, through bereavement or separation, you find this to be a difficult time of year, please join us on 5th December. 

If, for whatever reason you do not feel able to attend, please note that a recording of the service will be posted on the Church Facebook page <@ColstonWellparkParishChurch>  

Stars for Remembering:  as part of this service we will hang stars on our ‘Christmas Tree for Remembering’ If, for whatever reason, you feel unable to attend this service but would like a star with a loved ones name hung on the tree please let us know.  And  if you would like a specific message written on a star please send this to us either by text or email by Friday 3rd December.   (mobile 07813255052  email <>)   A candle will also be lit for your loved one during the service


Minister:  Rev. Leslie Grieve    07813255052

Colston Wellpark Parish Church, 1378 Springburn Road, Glasgow.