Harvest 2018


We celebrate our Harvest Festival on Sunday 7th October 

This will be in support of the Lodging House Mission

(The Lodging House Mission’s food ‘wish list’ will be posted here in September)

Our Harvest appeal last year was also for the Lodging House Mission, and, as well as food (see photo) there was also a retiring offering of £101 which all went to help the LHM continue to make a positive difference in the lives of disadvantaged people.


The LHM has over 100 years experience in helping disadvantaged people get their lives back on the right track.

The LHM is a Christian organisation with a mission to provide care and support to those in need regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

 The LHM has a dedicated team of Support Workers and Volunteers who work together towards one common goal –  – making a positive difference in people’s lives